As a San Diego Personal trainer and expert weight loss specialist for over 15 years, I feel compelled to tell you that weight loss is not everything it is touted be. Every personal trainer and fitness magazine in America will decree a list of great things to look forward to, which is great including a better sense of well-being. Is it wrong for me to say there isn’t always a better sense of well-being? No,we feel its better to serve our clients with truths and mindfulness.

Weight loss can be a miserable and stressful endeavor for anyone take on. The number ONE reason for all weight loss candidates to hire a well qualified weight loss personal trainer. Yes, as tough and resilient as you may think you are, you will require copious guidance, knowledge and emotional support to accomplish your goal. Once you make it to your goal, do you have the razor sharp discipline to make your weight loss stick? Without a high caliber weight loss personal trainer, I would estimate you will have a 95% chance of failure and weight gain rebound. And if you are the lucky 5% that hits their goal. It’s a 100% guarantee that all that weight you lost is coming back on within the next 6 months, plus an additional 10% gain above your baseline weight. Science has shown it, I have personally seen it,  and will power dies within one year of dieting cycles. I know this seems somewhat negative, but for the sake of this article it is important to educate yourself on both the pros and cons to weight loss. As i always say a well supported, educated, weight loss client always achieves their goals. They easily transition to the health and wellness lifestyle forever. So on that point lets move on to my list of negatives.

1.  Dramatic body transformations are rare.

Even some of the morbidly obese on The Biggest Loser really show down see big changes in their physiques. It is important to note that if your underlying psychological well-being isn’t intact, your perception will never change. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither were you!

2. Prepare for extra loose skin.

Yes, weight loss means loss in over all size and stretched out skin never rebounds to accommodate change in baseline body girth. My sister Micheline lost over 100 pounds of body weight with careful dieting and exercise. When all was said and done she had an apron of skin hanging across your waist and her arm girth decrease by 60%. Both areas required  skin tightening and plastics to hide scars. Rehabilitation took a good 6 months.  The good news is she now looks incredible and very fit.

3. Be prepared to invest in new cloths:

Although not a big deal for women who generally love to shop for the latest in fashions, Men generally hate shopping and will wear loose cloth until they drop to their knees. Mens business suits are expensive and getting tailored every few weeks is a nuisance. My recommendation is to hold out as long as possible.

4. Your new perception of people and your friends:

Not only does your body go through a major change, but your mind does too. You become hyper focused on what people eat and their sedentary lifestyles. Yes your proud of your accomplishments, and you want to announce it to the world with your new actions and behaviors. This is good, really good!  But prepare for the inevitable that you will forge new relationships with people who now walk the walk and talk the talk with you. And, your perception of those who don’t will get a pious downward nose from you. Yes you don’t mean to be condescending , but your internal mindset loses respect for those who don’t exhibit self-respect to there bodies. and yes this includes spouses, significant others and relatives..

These four points are common phenomena commonly seen within the scope of RXFitnessPros of San Diego. We excel at rebuilding bodies and self esteems though dramatic  weight loss, personal training and rehabilitation programs. We can proudly say we have a one hundred percent success rate with clients. Support is imperative to success in all aspects of life. Especially within the realm of health, fitness and nutrition there are gigantic psychological barriers. This is where we intercede.. We are RXFitnessPros of San Diego, California. Contact us for a face to face meeting. We looks forward to meeting you and making your weight loss dreams come true!

San Diego personal trainers and nutritionists all agree on one important issue concerning obesity and difficult weight loss. Sugar is the demon food that is plaguing the health of 60% of Americans. We have been secretly screwed by the food industry for the benefit of there bank accounts. So listen up people!

In the 1970s we were told that high fat diets are the culprit to obesity. So fat was removed from food products and a copious amount of sugar became the needed additive. Adding sugar is how the food industry compensates of taste. By the 1990s fat free precepts laced with sugar filled the grocery store shelves. In turn Americans got fatter and fatter.

Fast forward, and now we are seeing a 60% obesity rate and a significant increase in diabetes. This increase in dietary carbohydrate sugars screws up our metabolism and spikes our insulin levels to abnormal levels. Insulin which is produced in the pancreas, is a fat storage hormone as well as a blood sugar regulator. Insulin puts fat into fat cells and makes us plump. Another result is visceral fat around our organs which leads to heart disease, cancer and accelerated  aging. The worst thing you can do is cause your insulin to hit peaks and troughs. And sugars not proteins do this.. When I use the word sugar, I am referring to sucrose which is table sugar and fructose which is fruit sugar. Both of these sugar are embedded in almost every food product on the shelves of our supermarkets. Even bottled filtered water has a small dose of sugar in it for added flavor. For those of you who have tried an Atkins diets, you are fully aware how difficult it is to eat completely sugar free.

When we get obese, we grow fat in two ways. 1. We collect subcutaneous fat which is not so bad, or 2. we acquire visceral fat which is fat collected in-between and around our inner organs. This is absolutely dangerous.  A beer belly is a great example of visceral fat.

Visceral fat releases pro inflammatory hormones into the body. This leads to metabolic disease. When you make extra liver fat  from fructose sugar, you create a situation called insulin resistance. The liver doesn’t work right so the  pancreas over produces insulin.  Also fructose sugars are a major culprit causing aging. You want more wrinkles? Then continue on the high sugar diet and look 10 years older than your biological age. High fructose sugar also affects the stomach hormone Ghrelin which provides the sense of satiety to food in your stomach. In turn you always feel hungry and you eat anything this sit in front of you.

People wonder why they always look and feel fat. Well, Its not so much the excess calories consumed  but the wild swings of insulin spikes signaling the body to store and create fat.  If the individual consumed primarily protein then it would take twice as much energy to metabolize that protein into energy as it does a carbohydrate.  This is know as the thermic effects of food. Therefore protein eaters stay leaner.

its easy to fall into the bad cycle of sugary foods. the more you eat the more you want. Sugar is often abused and leads to an addiction. It has been reported by numerous psychologists that sugar addiction is on par with cocaine addiction.

Understanding the malevolent effects of simple carbohydrates is integral for weight loss programs. Understanding how your metabolism is subdued is an important element to weight loss success. Understanding what foods are right for your metabolic type is important to find out. What do you know about your metabolism? Perhaps you should find out!

Our expert Personal Trainers and medical exercise specialist can guide you though a metabolically and nutritionally sound weight loss program. You can contact the weight loss experts and personal fitness training team of RX Fitness pros at 760-271-3064 to get started on your journey. Or simply log into the company website



Personal fitness trainers come in all different shapes, sizes and genders. But what is that particular quality which. takes a troubled overweight and unhealthy human to a higher level of lifestyle fitness? Is it the Personal Trainer who possesses a Bachelors or Masters degree in Exercise physiology, or multiple,certifications or perhaps the former Mr.or, Ms Olympia contender that renders a freakish androgyny that we see if Muscle and Fitness magazine?
The answer is none of the above. Truth be told it’s the personal trainer who has the ability to appeal to the psychological roots of his clients and connect on an empathetic and inspiring level. Any personal trainer can easily be accountable to his clients through scheduled appointments and whip cracking techniques. That’s the easiest part of being a personal trainer. A result oriented fitness trainer who can connect with his clients on a cerebral and loving nurturing way is the one who rules!!

And the personal trainer can supply positive reinforcement in spite of difficult situations which may not warrant it.

The fact remains the same. Weight loss and body morphosis is unlike any other many cases the fitness pro is dealing discipline problems and an occult addiction to toxic foods. For the sake of this article I won’t go into the details, but let’s just say the trainer who can appeal to the weakness of the clients inner child is the one who accomplishes greatness with his clients and earn there trust.. It’s all about the relationship.

Being a personal trainer is a lot like a healthcare professional who services those who are in physical pain and require medical intervention. With personal training, a lot of the issues with weight loss, are psychologically based. And truth be told the nastiest Crossfit workout won’t induce weight loss if food psychology isn’t addressed..

My advice to the consumer is to choose your personal fitness trainer wisely.
Ask your self what is the potential of having a connection with mutual respect and admiration bond with the potential trainer.. Or will you feel a better connection with the trainer who acts like a power hungry dick?
Screw the big muscles and six pack abs. This isn’t you, and your goals should be simple and realistic based on your mental tenacity..

Health and fitness is a lifestyle adjustment for those who choose to engage. Some fall short and fail, others maintain a steady course , follow directions and achieve in a big way.
I can tell you with conviction it was the connection with the rights person that triggered success, not luck, changing genetics of the high intensity training systems. Something to think about folks. After 18 years in the fitness industry I have seen and learned a lot through working with clients.
And it was nothing that they taught me in Physician Assistant or personal training school.. You either have the gift of connection or you don’t..

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Our body produces two biochemicals that can break down the body and age it significantly. These two biochemicals are responsible for our normal fight or flight response, but when left on during the chronic stress has negative ramifications on the body.  These biochemicals are Epinephrine and Glucocorticoids. Chronic stress can be lethal. When the body is stressed it shuts down all the bodes essential systems including the immune system. Stress knocks out the bodes ability to heal itself. This could lead to stomach ulcers, plaques in coronary arteries.   Stress induces high blood pressure which causes blood vessels to narrow internally and thicken externally. This change can lead to a heart attack or stroke.

And this his is just the beginning of stresses deadly curse. Medical research performed on lab rats have shown lab rats lose brain cells during stress, and actually get dumb. This is because the neurochemicals dopamine is stymied  from being depressed. Dopamine is a feel good chemical that makes us feel happy and healthy. Stress also leads to a multiple psychiatric disorders such as bipolar disease and schizophrenia.

Putting on Weigh- Glucocorticoids  are responsible for distribution of abdominal fat.  Stress fat is dangerous fat. It behaves differently because of the hormones it carry’s  In short, abdominal stress fats creates heart disease.

Telomeres-  These are the end caps off the end of chromosomes. As we age naturally, these telomeres shorten.. What medical research has repeatedly shown is an aggressive shortening of these telomeres in primate and humans who are subjected to chronic stress. The end result is advanced aging of the body, and a slowing of brain function. Numerous research targeting chronically stressed mothers,  has shown an aging of 6 years  of aging  for every year of stress. Based on a severe degeneration of the telomere end caps. Studies targeting stressed out healthcare nurses tending to the needs of Alzheimer’s patients have shown and aging factor of plus twenty years beyond their biological age.

So what is the antidote for combat stress?  Control of your life for one. Avoid the 80 hour work week. More positive reinforcement in life situations. These changes  reinforce a sense of empowerment, landing toward  a more utopia lifestyle.

Baboon primate studies have shown that social affiliation is a powerful thing, don’t bite each other, it’s better to give than receive. By reducing stress you will thrive. Exercise, sleep and proper nutritional habits have also been shown to improve quality of life in primates as it does in humans.  All together creates physical utopia and therefore slows down the destructive aging process of stress.

Below is my latest interview of me discussing the ramifications of stress on the human body.   Somagenesis offers viable solutions such as Life Coaching and Personalized Exercise Plans designed to improve the quality of both your physical and mental health .. Your comments are appreciated. For more information on how  medical exercise and personal fitness training can be of benefit to you contact us at 760-271-3064 to set up your initial consultation.



There are numerous medical conditions that lead to death that can easily be ameliorated through proper nutrition and exercise.

- Heart disease

- Cancer

- Lung Disease

- Unintentional accidents by over medication

*From a nutrient perspective, there are three ingredients which cause these health problems.

- Corn  which is where high fructose corn syrup comes from. High Fructose Corn Syrup is a volatile hidden sugar found in most of our packaged foods.

- Soy which is used to make vegetable oils which convert to artery clogging trans fatty acids.

- Sugar Beets –  Which is an inexpensive way of making refined sugar.

JAMA -   The Journal of the American Medical Association has reported that consuming just 20% of these three nutrients WILL increase your risk of heart disease by 38%  Quite a scary fact!!

Preventable Hospital Errors: Last year 220,000 people died as a result of hospital errors. The US ranks last in health and mortality rates compared to 17 developed nations.

- Pain Killers and Anti cholesterol Statins  are the two biggest drug culprits. Patients are known to overdose on pain medicines, or acquire a debilitating muscle wasting disease called Rhabdomyolosis  with chronic use of Statins.


Chemicals and pesticides used to control insect infiltration of crops is also a big problem with death and mortality of Americans.

Specifically Roundup which is a popular insecticide used worldwide. The CDC (Center for Disease Control) has reported that 30% of human antibiotic resistant illness is linked to food treated with the chemical Roundup.

Also 50% of meats sold in America harbor drug resistant bacteria from animals injected with antibiotics and hormones.

Now that you have the statistics the solutions are varied and effective from a nutritional and exercise perspective.  My recommendations are as follows:


The Right Solution:

Eliminate all simple sugars, be wary or cognizant of foods laden with high fructose corn syrup, and inflammatory gluten. Eliminate frying foods in all vegetable oils. You can substitute better oils such as coconut oil or olive oil if need be. Or better yet bake or grill your foods.This reduces calories and reduces imbedded fat in meat and poultry products. By doing this you will significantly  reduce your risk of Coranary Artery Disease, Stroke, Lung disease and numerous neurological disorders such as Multiple Sclerosis, Lou Gerhigs and myositis.

When purchasing your meats and poultry look for certified grass fed meats, antibiotic free and GMO free.  When purchasing your fruits and vegetables, spend the extra money and purchase certified organic products. More over you can purchase these products at less expensive rate at local farmers markets.

Reduce you incidence of death by following these simple steps. Don’t become a hospital mortality statistic.

For more information on how we at Somagenesis Health and Fitness can have a positive skin on your life through nutrition, fitness programs or rehabilitation, contact us at or call for a complimentary consultation at 760-271-3064

Enjoy my detailed video below! Your comments are welcome!

San Diego Elite Physical Therapist/Personal Fitness Trainers Perspective On Low Back Pain and Treatment Options.