Our body produces two biochemicals that can break down the body and age it significantly. These two biochemicals are responsible for our normal fight or flight response, but when left on during the chronic stress has negative ramifications on the body.  These biochemicals are Epinephrine and Glucocorticoids. Chronic stress can be lethal. When the body is stressed it shuts down all the bodes essential systems including the immune system. Stress knocks out the bodes ability to heal itself. This could lead to stomach ulcers, plaques in coronary arteries.   Stress induces high blood pressure which causes blood vessels to narrow internally and thicken externally. This change can lead to a heart attack or stroke.

And this his is just the beginning of stresses deadly curse. Medical research performed on lab rats have shown lab rats lose brain cells during stress, and actually get dumb. This is because the neurochemicals dopamine is stymied  from being depressed. Dopamine is a feel good chemical that makes us feel happy and healthy. Stress also leads to a multiple psychiatric disorders such as bipolar disease and schizophrenia.

Putting on Weigh- Glucocorticoids  are responsible for distribution of abdominal fat.  Stress fat is dangerous fat. It behaves differently because of the hormones it carry’s  In short, abdominal stress fats creates heart disease.

Telomeres-  These are the end caps off the end of chromosomes. As we age naturally, these telomeres shorten.. What medical research has repeatedly shown is an aggressive shortening of these telomeres in primate and humans who are subjected to chronic stress. The end result is advanced aging of the body, and a slowing of brain function. Numerous research targeting chronically stressed mothers,  has shown an aging of 6 years  of aging  for every year of stress. Based on a severe degeneration of the telomere end caps. Studies targeting stressed out healthcare nurses tending to the needs of Alzheimer’s patients have shown and aging factor of plus twenty years beyond their biological age.

So what is the antidote for combat stress?  Control of your life for one. Avoid the 80 hour work week. More positive reinforcement in life situations. These changes  reinforce a sense of empowerment, landing toward  a more utopia lifestyle.

Baboon primate studies have shown that social affiliation is a powerful thing, don’t bite each other, it’s better to give than receive. By reducing stress you will thrive. Exercise, sleep and proper nutritional habits have also been shown to improve quality of life in primates as it does in humans.  All together creates physical utopia and therefore slows down the destructive aging process of stress.

Below is my latest interview of me discussing the ramifications of stress on the human body.   Somagenesis offers viable solutions such as Life Coaching and Personalized Exercise Plans designed to improve the quality of both your physical and mental health .. Your comments are appreciated. For more information on how  medical exercise and personal fitness training can be of benefit to you contact us at 760-271-3064 to set up your initial consultation.



There are numerous medical conditions that lead to death that can easily be ameliorated through proper nutrition and exercise.

- Heart disease

- Cancer

- Lung Disease

- Unintentional accidents by over medication

*From a nutrient perspective, there are three ingredients which cause these health problems.

- Corn  which is where high fructose corn syrup comes from. High Fructose Corn Syrup is a volatile hidden sugar found in most of our packaged foods.

- Soy which is used to make vegetable oils which convert to artery clogging trans fatty acids.

- Sugar Beets –  Which is an inexpensive way of making refined sugar.

JAMA -   The Journal of the American Medical Association has reported that consuming just 20% of these three nutrients WILL increase your risk of heart disease by 38%  Quite a scary fact!!

Preventable Hospital Errors: Last year 220,000 people died as a result of hospital errors. The US ranks last in health and mortality rates compared to 17 developed nations.

- Pain Killers and Anti cholesterol Statins  are the two biggest drug culprits. Patients are known to overdose on pain medicines, or acquire a debilitating muscle wasting disease called Rhabdomyolosis  with chronic use of Statins.


Chemicals and pesticides used to control insect infiltration of crops is also a big problem with death and mortality of Americans.

Specifically Roundup which is a popular insecticide used worldwide. The CDC (Center for Disease Control) has reported that 30% of human antibiotic resistant illness is linked to food treated with the chemical Roundup.

Also 50% of meats sold in America harbor drug resistant bacteria from animals injected with antibiotics and hormones.

Now that you have the statistics the solutions are varied and effective from a nutritional and exercise perspective.  My recommendations are as follows:


The Right Solution:

Eliminate all simple sugars, be wary or cognizant of foods laden with high fructose corn syrup, and inflammatory gluten. Eliminate frying foods in all vegetable oils. You can substitute better oils such as coconut oil or olive oil if need be. Or better yet bake or grill your foods.This reduces calories and reduces imbedded fat in meat and poultry products. By doing this you will significantly  reduce your risk of Coranary Artery Disease, Stroke, Lung disease and numerous neurological disorders such as Multiple Sclerosis, Lou Gerhigs and myositis.

When purchasing your meats and poultry look for certified grass fed meats, antibiotic free and GMO free.  When purchasing your fruits and vegetables, spend the extra money and purchase certified organic products. More over you can purchase these products at less expensive rate at local farmers markets.

Reduce you incidence of death by following these simple steps. Don’t become a hospital mortality statistic.

For more information on how we at Somagenesis Health and Fitness can have a positive skin on your life through nutrition, fitness programs or rehabilitation, contact us at Somagenesis.com or call for a complimentary consultation at 760-271-3064

Enjoy my detailed video below! Your comments are welcome!

San Diego Elite Physical Therapist/Personal Fitness Trainers Perspective On Low Back Pain and Treatment Options.

With over 13 years as a San Diego Personal Fitness Trainer whose niche is working with Special populations, seeing spine related problems is common practice. With my medical background as a Physician Assistant, I have learned to effectively help individuals manage back problems and greatly eliminate nerve related spine pain.  I have learned that identifying the root of the problems is the optimal way for me to navigate my approach to help people.

In due time we all will experience a lower back spasm or muscle lock up. The initial reaction is to do nothing, and crawl our way into a bed in hopes of relief. Although this may initially provide relief, the pain will return as soon as you stand up. To better manage your spine discomfort, it is important to understand the mechanism that created the lower back problem to begin with.

1. Mechanical strain and stress - The lower back  is subject to the weight of the upper body which overloads the lower back. With age, intervetebral discs shrink and wear away. This is known as degenerative disc disease.

2. Herniated Disc –  The lower back places pressure on the nerve that travels down the spinal column. This condition commonly causes pain to radiate or travel down the leg. This condition is also referred to as Sciatica.

3. Disc Tear -  The jelly like spacer in between the bony vertebra have torn due to trauma

4. Spondylolisthesis - Sloppy movements of vertebral bones which grind against each other. This is a result of normal wear and tear as we age.

5. Spinal Stenosis - Narrowing of the spinal canal which surrounds the spinal cord. Bone spurs press into the spinal cord nerve causing pain.

6. Scoliosis – Abnormal curvature of the spine shaped like an S. This condition also causes back pain.

There are some easy ways to alleviate lower back pain:

1. If you smoke. Kick the habit for all the obvious reasons, and yes this will reduce back pain.

2. Practice good posture when sitting at a desk, stand up straight without rounding your shoulders, and lift objects with your legs not with your back!

3. Do core exercises that strengthen back and abdominal muscles.

4. Fight that reflexive reaction to want to crawl into bed when your back pain strikes. Its better to use your body, versus establishing a pattern of muscle misuse!

5. Find a personal fitness trainer with high levels of spine rehab and pain management skills to help you along. Somagenesis Health and Fitness of San Diego, CA has the best personal fitness trainers with Medical back grounds to help you with your spine related problems.  go to the  somagenesis web site and submit a “contact form”  for your first consultation.

Its they day after Christmas, and people are preparing for the next hurdle, that being New Years 2014.  If your like most Americans’s, you went way overboard eating everything that didn’t crawl off your plate, and you drank more wine and liquor than an Irish sailor on shore leave. So what do you have to show for this recklessness?  Well, take a peak down south of your chin. Perhaps an expanded waist line choked to death by tight pants or  a skin tight skirt ripping at the seams. Perhaps your feet are so swollen from excess salt and carbs that which you consumed, that now your shoes feel extra tight. Yep, your hating looking like the Michelin Tire man. Hate feeling soft and mushy huh?

As a San Diego Personal trainer and Physician Assistant with over 15 years in the industry, I have seen just about everything. People generally meet, and often exceed their health and fitness goals though out the first 10 months of the year. They often spend good money to get there, and then for some reason, they subconsciously decide to sabotage the fruits of their labors over the course of 5 weeks! Go figure….

Yes, it’s the high time of the year, were family come together and graze like pigs at the trough. Hypnosis seems sets in,  and they live for the corpulent moment. A, “I don’t give a shit” attitude sets in.  The typical remark I hear from the weight control under achiever is:  “well its only 2 days out of the year!”  The reality depicts a different cause and effect.  A tsunami of food begins around the Thanksgiving holidays, followed by left overs, candy, bakery gift baskets at the offices. Then there are the seasonal employee office party’s, and local neighborhood festivity party’s. Moreover, the food continues to pour in for the weeks of  Hanukkah, Christmas and New Years day. By the time all is said and done, most people can barely walk, yet breath. It has been said that the average person will gain 8 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Years day.

So, I ask you why? I don’t want to hear because of the family influence! The answer is clear, you simply don’t have big enough balls or discipline to make it to the finish line. It’s just like stopping short of a 26.2 miles of marathon distance and decide to crawl to the finish line, like a  big pussy! Shame on you!

Now comes the New Years Resolution which is supposed to negate your bad judgement during the five week glutton onslaught.  Heres the rub, by the time you get back into fairly decent shape, the holidays are once again at your doorstep.  Then its right back through the unconscious holiday onslaught of food and alcohol. So in respect of the law of positive and negative integers, you really make no gains, just STASIS,  which in my book is the ulimate recipe for  being ordinary. Maybe your happy with this?

So with that in mind, millions of Americans will make the artificial leap of proclaiming, yet another feasible New Years fitness/ weight loss resolution. Now ,do you see the stupidity in this mindset?

Anyway, if you fall into this category of being a New Years Resolution Cycler, then you need a much higher sense of accountability, than your FitBit, your heart rate calorimeter,  or relying on your spouse or best friend to keep you honest. Hire yourself a reputable Personal fitness trainer, who lives the life of perpetual health and fitness. Most personal trainers have the tools and knowledge to keep you fit and honest even through the most difficult times of the year.  Generally they walk the walk, and talk the talk. Myself and my elite trainers and therapists at Somagenesis Health and Fitness of San Diego, California, pride ourselves on keeping our clients accountable and on track even through difficult holidays. If you live in San Diego County, feel free to  contact us for a complimentary consultation concerning your problem, or simply go to Somagenesis.com and fill out a Contact Form. We will get back to you. And don’t worry, we won’t bite!  Now enjoy the personal video below.

Somagenesis San Diego Personal Trainers, has a new addition to its team. Dr. Deniz Armagan  Dr. Armagan is a recent graduate from Loma Linda School of Physical Therapy, but don’t be fooled, he has worked as a mid level physical therapist for 15 years. Dr. Armagan’s passion is sports medicine and sports medicine therapeutics with Kinesio- tape. He is only one of four certified Kinesio-Tape therapists in Southern California If you watched the last Olympic Games, you may have noticed numerous athletes wearing Kinesio-Tape on their shoulders, backs, thighs and knees. These athletes had unresolved, or impending injures which required Kinesio-tape therapy. In the beginning I had my doubts about it as it seemed to abstract of a concept, or a flash in the pan fad. Well, as time passed, tons of clinic research backed by credible sources determined that Kinesio-Tape created high levels of stability in unstable joints or injuries, reduced chronic pain, and realigned bad muscle imbalances which contributed to spinal abnormalities. Very cool! However, not everyone can properly apply Kinesio tape without the proper understanding where the muscles and fascia lie, and where the pain receptors are located. Moreover, the crap knock off tape that you can buy at athletic shops, or big box sporting goods stores are worthless, and is just another example of taking advantage of the publics ignorance. So, Somagenesis health and Fitness has the real deal. He is not your run of the mill Dr. of Physical Therapy, in fact he is more of a renegade. Because of his Type A, think outside the box personality, Dr. Armagan graduated top of his class at Loma Linda, and invented physical therapy systems that his mentors roared about. Yes, he is unique, he is cool, and we consider ourself fortunate! Check out Dr. Armagan’s Intro video below, followed by my personal video endorsing him. To meet Dr. Armagan, simply go to Somagensis.com and  fill out a Contact Form

What good is working out day in and day out, if your poisoning your body with inflammatory foods!  The body will never lose weight and you will eventually kill yourself. Don’t be an oblivious asshole and ignore what you put in your mouth! Be smart about your total body fitness. This includes nutritional choices.

Chronic low grade inflammation is involved in all stages of atherosclerosis, the stepping stone to clogging up your arteries, then eventually having either a myocardial infarction, stroke, peripheral artery disease and even dementia!                                                                                     Hey! Inflammation doesn’t just happen on its own, being stupid with smoking, eating fatty, sugary, high caloric foods, and not working out does!

Food Culprits:

1.Too much consumed refined sugars,

2.Too much consumed flour products

3. Too much Omega 6 vegetable oils such as  vegetable, soybean, corn and sunflower.

Are you wondering how sugar inflames your body? Well here is the short version.

Sugar acts like an abrasive. Visualize glass shards rubbing on the inside of blood vessels, turning them beefy red and raw. This in turn creates inflammation! Protein antibodies come to the rescue to heal, and plaques are formed acting like Band Aides! Got the picture?

Omega 6 is also an irritant. The body’s protectant mechanism is to produce cytokines, which are proteins that respond to infection, inflammation and trauma. The end result is MORE internal vessel trauma.

Think About it! and repeat after me!

The human body is not designed to consume processed foods. Nor is the human body designed to consume food packed with sugar or soaked in Omega-6 oils!

So whats the solution?  Simple!

1. Eat more protein

2. Consume colorful fruits and vegetables

3. Think food in its natural state!

4. Use olive oil or butter from grass fed beef. Think Omega 3s!!

5. See your MD and get a C-reative Protein test to measure inflammation.

6. Weight training 3 days per week for 30 sets per workout will reduce inflammation by 35%

*And, last but not least, if your are still confused about what to eat and do, contact me, Rivak Hoffman at Somagenesis.com. I will get you back on track, and inflammation free.