Orange County, Laguna Beach, Costa Mesa and Newport Beach best personal trainer and sports conditioning trainer for endurance athletes discusses her background as an endurance athlete, triathlete and swimmer.

Nanci Goedecker is Orange County’s expert personal fitness trainer and endurance coach. She has been a personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach for over 20 years. If you are an endurance athlete looking to improve your game and start winning, then Nanci Goedecker and her business partner Rivak Hoffman are two talented athletes and experienced personal trainer working both San Diego and Orange County California. Nanci also specializes in working with both amateur and professional triathletes, since this has been her sport of choice and expertise for many years.

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Orange County, Laguna Beach and Newport Beach best personal trainer and sports conditioning trainer for endurance athletes  Nanci discusses her background as an endurance athlete, triathlete and swimmer. Nanci Goedecker is Orange County’s expert personal fitness trainer and endurance coach. She has been a personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach for over 20 years. If you are an endurance athlete looking to improve your game and start winning, then Nanci Goedecker and her business partner Rivak Hoffman are two talented athletes and experienced personal trainer working both San Diego and Orange County California.
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Nanci Goedecker, Orange Counties best personal trainer lives the early morning seize the day lifestyle. How she does it is a mystery for all. Now find out her hidden secrets!

There is a lot of truth to the idea that exercising in the morning translates to success in life. Early rising is a common trait among CEO’s, political leaders and other influential people. And morning people, according to Inc. Magazine, have been found to be more productive and proactive. So what are some things you need to do to make this happen?

Start with planning the night before. Go to bed at a time that will allow you to rise before your alarm wakes you up in the morning. Visualize exactly what you are going to be doing when you wake up in the morning so you hardly have to think about it – including how long it takes to drive to the gym, or wander into the spare bedroom for yoga poses. Have your clothes laid out and ready to go. If this is your first go round at it, aim for a short workout, say, of a set of pushups and sit-ups just to get used to moving early in the morning and slowly increase the amount of time and reps each time. Don’t forget to eat something and hydrate – have it ready to grab when you wake up.

Remind yourself that the time spent moving your body before the sun comes up translates to a boost of energy throughout out the day and a sense of accomplishment that will flow over into the rest of your day. Without forgetting that good habits require consistent commitment, you also won’t have to push yourself at the end of a mentally and physically tiring day to exercise, or even miss a workout entirely. And, you’ll have more time at the end of the day to pursue other pursuits or pleasures. Early to bed, early to rise…makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise!

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Orange County personal training culture has competition. Top tier health and fitness company, RX Fitness Pros (formerly Somagenesis Health and Fitness of San Diego, CA) is growing leaps and bounds. In a recent vote by board members, a unanimous vote approved the expansion of San Diego’s finest personal training, medical expertise and sports conditioning team to Laguna Beach, Alisa Viejo, Newport Beach and Corona Delmar.

Founder and CEO Rivak Hoffman has received a huge online interest from residents of Orange County. Many of the requests received from web site inquiries  have been centered around health and fitness programs to improve the clients game. That game being triathlons competition, cycling, running and racquet sports. Rivak believes RX Fitness pros is the right company to provide quality fitness programs to Orange County athletes. Moreover, Rx Fitness pros will soon become a common household name in Orange County, soon earning the reputation as Best Personal Trainers of Orange County. or perhaps best sports conditioning trainers of Orange County.

RX Fitness Pros will continue its presence in San Diego, CA. They are currently San Diego’s number one source for quality personal training and medical exercise programs. They have been thriving in San Diego since 1999, and will continue to do so.

Both  Master Personal Trainer Rivak Hoffman and Sports Conditioning Personal Trainer Nanci Goedecker, will spearhead  Orange County operations from their Alisa Viejo office.

Both Rivak Hoffman and Nanci Goedecker are avid cyclist and fitness enthusiasts. They have competed in The Infamous Ironman Triathlon, numerous marathons, cycling and  swimming events. One look at these two veteran athlete fitness pros and it is clear that they both walk the walk and talk to talk. Association with these two health and fitness high achievers can only take your sport to such high levels. Some of the Orange County sports conditioning programs will include, sports conditioning  for triathletes, and sports condition for runners and swimmers

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As a San Diego Personal Trainer and Medical Exercise Specialist with 18 years of  expertise in dynamic weight loss for the morbidly obese, I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt; You will NEVER lose weight just by motoring through a 30- to 60 minute session of low to moderate cardio intensity.  This cardio method is known as steady state cardio.

In order to induce super lipolysis or fat expression from fat cells you need high levels of norepinephrine or adrenaline to chemically promote a fat burning effect. Just because your dripping in sweat doesn’t mean your sweating off the fat pounds.

Lypolysis will actually drain fat cells of fatty acids and glycerin. The end result is desiccation of a once hyperplastic fat cell.

In order to ignite the adrenals to produce norepinephrine to acceptable fat loss levels you need to amp up your heart rate to at least 80% of your heart rate maximum. This is optimally done with Interval training and HIIT.  This is where an exceptional personal trainer comes in. A great trainer can produce a safe and effective program to make fat loss a reality. In most cases mere mortals cannot push themselves to the brink of physical exhaustion, without going over the edge and getting nauseated and or injured.

It is important that you properly calculate your heart rate thresholds according to your age , gender, if you have a specific health conditions and or if your on any heart rhythm  altering medicines. Sure you can use the standard Karvonen formula to determine this magic number, but I wouldn’t recommend it. In many cases it is grossly incorrect and one shoe doesn’t fit all.

What I can promise you, is if you’re in the gym, comfortable looking around or perhaps chatting up people while you’re doing your cardio, you’re not doing a damn thing for fat burning or weight loss.  Stay tuned for my next post where I give a more detailed program for cardio weight loss.  It is important to remember that weight loss needs to approached in a methodical scientific approach. It is a system which requires 100% mental focus and execution.

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San Diego Personal Trainers commonly approach me asking how my business has been progressing during the current economy. My initial reaction has been “unchanged”, still seeing about 24 clients, two to three times per week for one on one personal training. That equates to 48-72 contact hours per week which is more than most people work per week. Throw in driving time with 28,000 work related miles and that makes for a busy work week! My company Rx Fitness Pros of San Diego also employs 9 other full time personal trainers as independent contractors. My company provides one on one personal training and small group training. We do not organize boot camps yet. So in summary I stay quite busy. I have become the master of time management, which means I must learn how to dovetail my workouts through out the work week, and I never miss my six workout milestone.

Anyway, I have calculated a 31% increase in revenues from 2013 to 2014. Although employment levels still hover around  9% according to San Diego Economical Development Corporation. Health conscious customers living in San Diego will always invest in there health as they report, it helps improve there work attitude. They like feeling fit, enjoy a new self image and fitness reduces the number of sick days out.  This is also good for the employer. Majority of the clients we have acquired are through internet leads. Lead generation has increased from 217 per week to 344 per week with a 3% conversion rate. What this means is our sign up rate increased from 7 to 10 new clients per week. which reflects our 31% increase in revenues.

Another factor is our client retention rate which has been at an all time high. Based on end of year calculations we have retained 198 out of 206 clients. A 94% retention rate. We provide our clients a high quality service and do our best to accommodate schedule and minimize skipped appoints through. Our client compliance systems consists of email and text messaging reminders as well as biweekly newsletters, tracking, as well as monthly biometric tracking of weight loss, metabolism and body composition.

In a nut shell what sets RXfitnesspros of San Diego ahead of other fitness business is our marketing strategy and quality of employees. We redistribute a good 25% of our corporate profits back into the business for marketing. Building a quality website and contracting out SEO and SEM for increased visibility doesn’t come without a price tag. This is where business discipline comes in. All of our personal trainers are dedicated, hard working, college degreed and nationally certified  So in short, if you budget properly for marketing, have a quality staff, and you under promise and over deliver your service, you will succeed  in the San Diego fitness industry.

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As a San Diego Personal trainer and expert weight loss specialist for over 15 years, I feel compelled to tell you that weight loss is not everything it is touted be. Every personal trainer and fitness magazine in America will decree a list of great things to look forward to, which is great including a better sense of well-being. Is it wrong for me to say there isn’t always a better sense of well-being? No,we feel its better to serve our clients with truths and mindfulness.

Weight loss can be a miserable and stressful endeavor for anyone take on. The number ONE reason for all weight loss candidates to hire a well qualified weight loss personal trainer. Yes, as tough and resilient as you may think you are, you will require copious guidance, knowledge and emotional support to accomplish your goal. Once you make it to your goal, do you have the razor sharp discipline to make your weight loss stick? Without a high caliber weight loss personal trainer, I would estimate you will have a 95% chance of failure and weight gain rebound. And if you are the lucky 5% that hits their goal. It’s a 100% guarantee that all that weight you lost is coming back on within the next 6 months, plus an additional 10% gain above your baseline weight. Science has shown it, I have personally seen it,  and will power dies within one year of dieting cycles. I know this seems somewhat negative, but for the sake of this article it is important to educate yourself on both the pros and cons to weight loss. As i always say a well supported, educated, weight loss client always achieves their goals. They easily transition to the health and wellness lifestyle forever. So on that point lets move on to my list of negatives.

1.  Dramatic body transformations are rare.

Even some of the morbidly obese on The Biggest Loser really show down see big changes in their physiques. It is important to note that if your underlying psychological well-being isn’t intact, your perception will never change. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither were you!

2. Prepare for extra loose skin.

Yes, weight loss means loss in over all size and stretched out skin never rebounds to accommodate change in baseline body girth. My sister Micheline lost over 100 pounds of body weight with careful dieting and exercise. When all was said and done she had an apron of skin hanging across your waist and her arm girth decrease by 60%. Both areas required  skin tightening and plastics to hide scars. Rehabilitation took a good 6 months.  The good news is she now looks incredible and very fit.

3. Be prepared to invest in new cloths:

Although not a big deal for women who generally love to shop for the latest in fashions, Men generally hate shopping and will wear loose cloth until they drop to their knees. Mens business suits are expensive and getting tailored every few weeks is a nuisance. My recommendation is to hold out as long as possible.

4. Your new perception of people and your friends:

Not only does your body go through a major change, but your mind does too. You become hyper focused on what people eat and their sedentary lifestyles. Yes your proud of your accomplishments, and you want to announce it to the world with your new actions and behaviors. This is good, really good!  But prepare for the inevitable that you will forge new relationships with people who now walk the walk and talk the talk with you. And, your perception of those who don’t will get a pious downward nose from you. Yes you don’t mean to be condescending , but your internal mindset loses respect for those who don’t exhibit self-respect to there bodies. and yes this includes spouses, significant others and relatives..

These four points are common phenomena commonly seen within the scope of RXFitnessPros of San Diego. We excel at rebuilding bodies and self esteems though dramatic  weight loss, personal training and rehabilitation programs. We can proudly say we have a one hundred percent success rate with clients. Support is imperative to success in all aspects of life. Especially within the realm of health, fitness and nutrition there are gigantic psychological barriers. This is where we intercede.. We are RXFitnessPros of San Diego, California. Contact us for a face to face meeting. We looks forward to meeting you and making your weight loss dreams come true!